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Natural Gypsum

Natural Gypsum

Gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O) is a naturally occurring mineral mined from deposits formed by ancient sea beds as a raw material, white when pure, but commonly grey, yellow, red or brown, owing to impurities. The anhydrous form (CaSO4), anhydrite, is common. We are enlisted amongst the topmost INatural Gypsum Importers and Exporters from India.

Gypsum has many industrial applications in its raw or Calcined forms, especially in the building and construction industries. Uses of Raw Gypsum are principally as:
  • a retarder for Portland cement
  • a fertilizer or soil conditioner
  • mineral filler
  • oxidizing agent in glass manufacture or other industrial applications.

Most gypsum is calcined and used in the manufacturing of plaster products. Wallboard and plaster requires gypsum contents greater than 85%, although producers prefer a minimum of 94–95% along with whiteness in color. The major consumers of the Gypsum at present are Cement Industry. By weight about 4% to 6% Gypsum in crushed condition is utilized in Portland Cement Manufacture after mixing with cement/clinker. Gypsum acts as a retarder and controls the setting time of cement.

Imported Gypsum from Iran
Natural Gypsum is one of the most superior qualities and consistent material available for Import and Export. Natural Gypsum has adequate whiteness, high purity as well as it is low in cost which makes it absolutely feasible for white cements as well as Plaster Of Paris manufacturing and for the Cement Industry all together. One more important quality that distinguishes Natural Gypsum from others is its hardness which is less as compared to other sources and allows different industries to easily grind the same for processing into final product which in turn results in to reduced power consumption for manufacturing industries.

Indian Cement producers particularly located in Central, Eastern and Southern India are dependent on the import of high quality Natural Gypsum, mainly from Thailand and Sultanate of Oman. But Thailand government is taking steps to increase the selling price of gypsum before stopping exports which should push its gypsum price up to a level near the estimated future import price of 33 US$ per ton from the current FOB price of around 16.50 US$ per ton. Substantial price increases may go against the agreements made by the World Trade Organization (WTO), of which Thailand is a member, and in this case the Thai government would have only one option: to stop gypsum exports at the earliest opportunity to take care of the country’s long-term local consumption needs. FOB Prices of Gypsum from Sultanate of Oman have also considerably increased to USD 16-17 PMT in the recent period which is very high as compared that of Iran.

Considering the above situation, Iran is one of the hot spots for importing quality Natural Gypsum particularly for cement plants in western India. Artha Mineral Resources is one of the very few Traders who have the ability to source Natural Gypsum directly from the mine owners in Iran avoiding any kind of intermediary margins making it a very economical purchase for its buyer.


Gypsum Components Percentage (%)
CaSO4.2H2O 90.03
Combined Water 18.86
SiO2 1.93
Al2OM3 0.26
Fe2O3 0.24
CaO 29.51
MgO 2.07
NaCl 0.04
So3 41.08
Moisture Content 0.35
Size (0- 50 mm) 100